Golden Delights

Jerky for all tastes, even vegetarian jerky.

The specialist in Asian delicacies

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Since 1989, Jerky House have been delivering on their founding mission: to provide the world’s best snack stop for their customers. The store’s famous core product, Meat Jerky. 

Fans of salty meat snacks feel like a kid in a candy store at Jerky House – specialists in Asian delicacies, with dried fish and meat jerky made in-house from Australian beef and pork. The jerky comes in a variety of flavours and there is a jerky for all tastes, even vegetarian jerky.

Our tasty range of chicken and beef jerky in delicious flavours including five spice, honey, chilli and curry. 

You can find the traditional style jerky or try their beef cube-style where each cube is made from 100% Australian beef and flavoured with a mix of herbs and spices to give it a unique flavour. For those with more adventurous tastes, the chilli jerky packs flavour and a punch. It is a great snack to have with friends over a drink.

Jerky House also produce mouth-watering crispy pork floss that goes well with congee and sandwich.

Will Theng